The Wine Skinny started in 1998 as an experiment in internet publishing and with the commitment to making wine fun and accessible to everyone — novice and expert alike. The idea behind the site was always that wine is an essential part of life and food and time with friends and family. I never liked the snobbery or intimidation associated with wine, so I tried to avoid it.

After 15 years, I felt like the Wine Skinny had run its course, and decided to start something new. But I’m still happily sipping and exploring wines — I’m just giving equal space to the foods I pair with them.

There’s still loads of content sitting on the Wine Skinny… I’ll figure out what to do with all of that as I go along.

I’m also not including the big wine review archive section on this new site — it had grown to be rather unwieldy and awkward anyway. The good news is that this site has a better search function (I think), so hopefully that will do the trick.


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