Oct 312014
Nutty Coconut & Cacao Bars + Fresh Apple Juice

So, this pairing includes a bunch of firsts for me: Cracked a coconut (it wasn’t pretty) Intentionally made a raw food dessert Made homemade apple juice Let’s start with the coconut. I’m sure if I did this often enough, I would get better at it. Honestly, I couldn’t get much worse… Let’s just say that the YouTube video directions I tried to follow didn’t seem to work for me. (And […]

May 042014
Quinoa with Chickpeas & Cashews + Pinot Gris

The ideal version of my world would involve morning trips to outdoors markets (Rome’s Campo dei Fiori would do just fine, thanks) where I would chat with the vendors that I see every morning while choosing fresh, local ingredients for the day’s lineup of simply-prepared dishes which I would prepare in my much-larger kitchen of my dreams. And although I do occasionally manage a morning run to a local farmer’s […]

Apr 202014
“Sicilian” Cannellini with Tuna + Italian Whites

This dish is sort of an inverted, main course version of a classic Tuscan bruschetta starter. Rather than a spoonful of beans topping grilled bread, it’s a bowl of well-flavored beans served room temperature alongside crunchy toasts. I decided to try the parchment paper/oven method of cooking the beans (detailed below) after seeing it mentioned in various cookbooks. I’ve only done in this one time, so I’m not really sure if I […]

Apr 132014
Broccoli & Avocado Salad + (More) Sauvignon Blanc

Does this salad combination sound improbable? I seem to remember having some doubts before I made it the first time. But that’s all just a dim memory now —  my love for this salad knows no bounds. Mostly it’s a study in contrasts, of both texture and tastes. The crunch of the raw broccoli, the creamy richness of the avocado, the slight bite of red onion, richly toasted almonds, and […]

Mar 232014
Lentil, Beet & Balsamic Onion Salad + Sauvignon Blanc

Here’s a pairing to kick-off what is surely the most welcome Spring in recent memory. This lentil salad is substantial and nutritious but still light and energizing. And paired with a bright Sauvignon Blanc, is a lovely way to usher in the season. Both the roasted beets and the balsamic onions can be prepped a day ahead, if you like. And you will have leftover balsamic onions, but they’re a […]

Feb 162014
My salad bar Crunch Salad + Light Whites

If someone were interested in measuring my overall hecticness (it’s a word), there are a few things that would be particularly telling. My email inbox level is one such indicator — under 50 means really on top of things, over 200 indicates dangerous levels of overload. My desk inbox is another — if the stack is shorter than the physical edges of the inbox, things are good. But if the […]

Jan 192014
Miso-Roasted Salmon + Riesling (but also a Vouvray)

This is less a recipe than a technique, and it resulted in one of my favorite meals last summer when I did the Clean program. It has remained a part of my regular repertoire, particularly when I want something a little special, with loads of flavor, but requiring very little effort. Miso is useful that way. A simple dollop or slather can transform even the most humdrum dish into something […]