Dec 052014
Sheep's Milk Cheeses with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes & Marcona Almonds + Rueda (and Madeira...)

This pairing all started with a dim memory of how I used to do these slow-roasted, oven-dried tomatoes all the time. And why didn’t I still do them? And when did I stop? What new obsession took their place? Anyway. Imagine the most uninspiring Roma tomatos. You know, the ones that are available year-round and smell and taste like… nothing. Organic or no, they’re mostly blah, right? Now imagine that […]

Dec 012014
Italian-Style Stuffed Mushrooms (Two Ways) + Wine Roundup

I bet I’ve made these mushrooms a dozen times. They’re pretty basic, but in a good way. A simple stuffing of dry breadcrumbs, grated hard cheese and minced herbs — moistened with olive oil and the juices from the mushrooms as they cook. They’re not oozing with cheese and cream (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), so they make a good stand-up nibble — no plate and fork needed. […]

Nov 252014
Robyn's Potatoes + Thanksgiving

If my calculations are correct, I will have made three full batches of these potatoes by the end of this weekend… I guess most of us who cook have a few dishes that, for whatever reason, people have really latched onto and demand on a regular basis. If I had to narrow it down to three things, I suppose I’m most known for my salads (a bit of a mystery […]

Nov 122014
Mint Green Hot Toddy + Early Cold Front

This started out as a failed experiment with a green tea mojito. Yeah, no. But I love these flavors — green tea, fresh mint, lime — and was determined to make them work together in some sort of easy, spirited recipe. Then this rather early cold front blew in, and I thought, “hot toddy!” Using light rum instead of whiskey proved to be a winning combination. That tropical hit of […]

Oct 312014
Nutty Coconut & Cacao Bars + Fresh Apple Juice

So, this pairing includes a bunch of firsts for me: Cracked a coconut (it wasn’t pretty) Intentionally made a raw food dessert Made homemade apple juice Let’s start with the coconut. I’m sure if I did this often enough, I would get better at it. Honestly, I couldn’t get much worse… Let’s just say that the YouTube video directions I tried to follow didn’t seem to work for me. (And […]

Oct 162014
Maple Custards + Nocello

I don’t make a ton of desserts — I fall more into the cook than baker camp. But out of all the desserts I have ever made, this has to be one of my favorites. Perfect for fall, or any time you want just a small bit of something absolutely decadent, these maple custards are super simple, and utterly delicious. Three rather ordinary ingredients — cream, eggs, maple syrup — […]

Oct 042014
Cumin-spiced Cabbage + Dolcetto

Here’s a rustic, hearty, fall/winter supper that also happens to be vegan, if you use tempeh bacon like I did. (Of course, you could use the pork product of your choosing — bacon, pancetta, speck, etc.) I like this as a quick meal by itself, but on those occasions when I have more time to spend in the kitchen, it also makes a fantastic accompaniment to roasted duck. The cabbage […]