Oct 162014
Maple Custards + Nocello

I don’t make a ton of desserts — I fall more into the cook than baker camp. But out of all the desserts I have ever made, this has to be one of my favorites. Perfect for fall, or any time you want just a small bit of something absolutely decadent, these maple custards are super simple, and utterly delicious. Three rather ordinary ingredients — cream, eggs, maple syrup — […]

Feb 232014
Bowmore 18 + Camembert

When it comes to blended Scotch, I’m a Black Label gal all the way. It’s comforting, familiar, restorative, widely-available, and I reach for it on a pretty regular basis. (In fact, I buy the economy-size jug and am sorely tempted to drink it thusly.) But single malts are another thing altogether. Complicated, challenging, and a bit hit-and-miss for me, if I’m honest. It seems to depend on so many factors […]

Jan 262014
Spicy Carne Asada Tacos + Titanium Tequila Spritz

This is sort of a hybrid of carne asada (“broiled meat” in Spanish) and fajitas that will definitely warm you up on a wintery day. I like it on the grill for extra char, but if it’s just too darn cold for grilling where you are, the broiler will certainly work. And be forewarned, this packs some heat. I like the level of spiciness here — particularly when the tangle […]

Mar 282013
Mujaddara + Ouzo

I love this dish. I really do. So much so that I thought it would set the right tone as the first post on this site. I last made it a couple of weeks ago, on a day that found me waiting on a Fed Ex with an all-day delivery window. Knowing that if I tried to dash to the store, I would surely pick the exact 20 minutes that would ensure a […]