Jul 272015

Hello all! For personal reasons, I’m taking a little break from 101 Pairings. All you lovely wineries out there — please do not send along any additional samples for now. You’ll be the first to know if and when I get back into the wine writing game. Cheers! Robyn

Dec 222014
Quinoa Flake Granola + (Not just any) Almond Milk

So, who else is totally new to the existence of quinoa flakes? Until recently, I had no idea! But there, in the oatmeal aisle of my local Whole Foods, was this solitary aqua blue box of these things. Turns out, quinoa flakes are much like other hot cereals and remind me of a sort of grassier-tasting cream of wheat. (They taste better than that sounds…) They also work nicely as […]

Aug 152014
Favorites: August 15, 2014

How has a whole year gone by between Favorites posts? I’m telling you, time is really flying… Well, here are a few things that I’ve been loving lately — enjoy! Is grilled bread with really good, deeply green Italian olive oil simply the very best thing ever? Quite possibly… On my Kindle: The Lady in Gold Have been trying meat substitutes here and there, and this one I actually liked. […]

Jul 302013

Thought I’d put together this quick favorites list before the month gets away from me. Here are a few things that have grabbed my attention lately… I love all things chickpea, so when I saw this South River Chickpea Miso at my local Whole Foods, I had to try it. I’ve been thinning it with some olive oil and a touch of sweetener (try coconut nectar!) and slathering it on […]

Jul 032013
Garlic Roasted Potato Salad + 4th of July!

Here’s a quick recipe for those of you about to hit the grocery store for the holiday weekend. Cheers! There’s no getting around the OMG decadence of this intensely garlicky potato salad. It definitely falls into the “well, if you’re gonna do it, you may as well do it right” category of indulgence. But honestly, since I first made this earlier in the year, I’m not sure I’ll ever make potato […]