Aug 152014

Grilled Bread

How has a whole year gone by between Favorites posts? I’m telling you, time is really flying… Well, here are a few things that I’ve been loving lately — enjoy!

Is grilled bread with really good, deeply green Italian olive oil simply the very best thing ever? Quite possibly…

On my Kindle: The Lady in Gold

Have been trying meat substitutes here and there, and this one I actually liked. Holds together nicely, browns very well, tastes great!

Listening to: Gary Clark Jr.’s Blak and Blu — loving the Stevie Ray Vaughan influence on “When My Train Pulls In”

Cool wine bottle holder

I need more of this WTRMLN WTR to get me through this long, hot summer. Sooner than later, please. Hands down, the most refreshing, summer-in-a-bottle thing you will ever drink. Loved.

Speaking of refreshing, I’m fully-caffeinated with New Orleans’ CoolBrew French Roast concentrate. Mixed with some of my favorite almond milk, it’s so tasty.

Like the looks — wonder if I would like the feel of this flatware?

Wine twirls!

Gingham napkins seem perfect this time of year.

The tartufo gelato (senza crema, per piacere) at Tre Scalini. Dark chocolate heaven.

Happy birthday, Julia Child. (Okay, now I’m hungry…)

Fantasy 603 sq. ft. real estate?

Southern classic: Peach Cobbler. Yes, please.

Raw baby bok choy is one of my new favorite things — may need to try this, this, and this.

And finally, another goat video. This one makes me laugh every. single. time.

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