Jul 302013

Thought I’d put together this quick favorites list before the month gets away from me. Here are a few things that have grabbed my attention lately…

I love all things chickpea, so when I saw this South River Chickpea Miso at my local Whole Foods, I had to try it. I’ve been thinning it with some olive oil and a touch of sweetener (try coconut nectar!) and slathering it on salmon. Pretty soon, I’m going to make some kind of miso soup with it. Definitely a new favorite. (Prepare yourself for its bumpy appearance — not a smooth miso like you may be used to.)

On my travel list: the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

Someone recently asked me to name my favorite toothpaste. Answer.

For that matter, I traded my chapstick habit for these beauties a couple of years ago.

Loving the myrtlewood cutting boards here.

The next time I buy coffee mugs, I bet they’ll be these hand-thrown ones. In white, please.

Cute Wine & Cheese party invitation at tinyprints.com.

Wonder what the “price upon request” would be for this Creamware soup tureen… (‘Cuz I want it.)

Maybe it would make this Astier de Villatte one look affordable? (‘Cuz I like it, too!)

I cannot overemphasize how much I love my Vitamix. If there’s a cook in your life that doesn’t have one, this would be the perfect holiday gift!

Speaking of which, this Vosne-Romaneé would make a lovely gift as well.

I love that West Elm is carrying Smeg fridges. Totally tempting.

These Ikea lanterns are an amazing deal. I would love to string some above my patio table.

If you’re going to carry matches (and I’m not advocating smoking) (or arson), you may as well do it with some class.

And finally, these goats at Doe Run Farm:

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