Apr 152013

Champagne Fizz

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. Here’s a fun, boozy book that would make a great gift or, better yet, an ongoing reference guide for choosing the right tipple based on the accomplishments of the day.

The Big Book of Martinis for Moms arrived at my office a few weeks ago, and it really is pretty cute. The idea is a slew of classic cocktails, some slightly reimagined as martinis, as well as a bunch of newfangled concoctions — each one perfectly paired with a mom’s accomplishment for the day. Authors Rose Maura Lorre (she of The Five O’Clock Cocktail Blog and a new mom herself) and Mavis Lamb have created a clever reward system for the myriad of tasks and achievements that mothers face. Like:

  • Celebrate fitting into your skinny jeans with a Thin Gin-tini
  • Bliss out after managing to get the house all to yourself with a Dreamsicle Martini.
  • Reward yourself for leaving the house without forgetting anything with a Knock on Wood.

I can totally get in line with this system of behavior rewards. (In fact, it’s practically the motivation for this entire site.) And even though I’m not a mom, I have had no problem shaking up several of these martinis to reward my own daily, multi-tasking, super-every-woman accomplishments. Managed to work from 6AM to 7PM and then listen to a friend’s love life issues until the wee hours? Check, thanks in part to The Insomniac martini. Worked organic veggies into every meal and snack of the day, ignoring that batch of chocolate chip cookies that someone brought to the office? You betcha, with bonus points for the Cucumber Martini at the end of the day.

And this weekend, I rediscovered my love for Champagne Fizzes, thanks to Ms. Lorre. Gin, lemon juice, a touch of sugar, shaken, strained and topped off with chilled bubbly. Such a delightful balance of flavors, not too sweet, with a definite kick. The book designates a Champagne Fizz as the reward for a mom managing to go out to brunch with her friends, which I totally understand. But is it wrong that I rewarded myself with one for planting two rose plants on Saturday morning instead of spending that time at my desk? I think not…

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